Toronto Revival Meeting 2018 (English/Cantonese) - 二零一八年大多市英語、粵語培靈會

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Theme 主題

Living as God’s People: In Old Testament Times and Today

作神子民的身份與使命(出埃及記 19:3-6)
As God’s people:Who are we and what are we here for? Our identity and mission Exodus 19:3-6
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作神子民的呼召與特徵(彌迦書 6:1-8)
As God’s people:How should we live in an unjust world? Our calling and distinctiveness Micah 6:1-8 
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作神子民的受苦與服侍(耶利米書 29:1-14)
As God’s people:How can we survive in a hostile world? Our suffering and service
Jeremiah 29:1-14 
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作神子民的異象與盼望(以賽亞書 60)
As God’s people:What does the future hold for us and the nations of the world? Our vision and hope Isaiah 60 
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